Jeffrey Thomas Joins five doors

Please join Jeffrey every Tuesday at noon.

Jeffrey was born in 1960s Mississippi to African American parents engaged in the voting rights movement--since that time, he has come to appreciate the benefits of an embodied practice of yoga. 

Jeffrey began practicing Iyengar yoga in 2002, which trailed off over the years as life became more complicated with relationship, career and parenting. As part of his training for the 2013 San Francisco Marathon, he returned to the practice of yoga but shortly after, he broke a metatarsal. This injury required seven weeks of recovery in a boot, which offered Jeffrey an extensive experience in making modifications during yoga classes. In 2016 came divorce, a new arrangement in co-parenting, a spinal fusion surgery and perhaps not coincidentally, his first of two 200-hour yoga teacher training at the New School of Yogic Arts in Boston. Jeffrey was part of the first co-ed class of the Trauma-Informed Mind-Body program led by Sue Jones in 2017 and recently completed the Prison Yoga Project training.  

Jeffrey credits his yoga practice with helping him to achieve a fifty pounds weight loss, control of his diabetes and maintain equanimity in the face of racism. Jeffrey is committed to making yoga accessible to every body type and size. His sequences emphasize alignment and breathing and ideas that participants can also take off the mat and into their daily lives.

Through Mandela Yoga Project, Jeffrey has a keen interest in scaling the delivery of trauma-informed yoga to public health crisis communities taught by the residents themselves.

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