Chakra Series with Julie Grimm

Julie returns to five doors health + wellness for a very special seven-part Chakra Series.

Dates: October 12, 19, 26 + November 2, 23 + 30 and December 7 (schedule below)
Time: 3 to 4:30 p.m.
Location: Room 4, five doors health + wellness (above Life Alive in Central Square, Cambridge, MA)
Cost: $120 for all seven sessions, or $20 per session

Are you curious about your chakras and how they impact your life? Looking to harness your energy better to accomplish your goals? Or maybe you are working on healing life-long negative patterns. No matter what issue you are dealing with, working with your chakras will support you and allow your effort to be more gracefully integrated into your life. Feel like your swimming up-stream? This course is for you.


Chakra are bundles of energy that act as a powerful transmitter of information from our daily life to our spirit. When they are blocked, closed down or otherwise out of balance we are quite literally disconnected from our soul. Even a simple five or 10 minutes of working with our chakras can help us re-energize and align.

In this seven-part series we will explore the power of our energetic body to support, energize and empower ourselves. This series will be a blend of practical tools and education, and will enable students to better harness the energy of their chakras in everyday life. As an experiential class we will also use meditation as a tool to tune into and explore our chakras in order to promote healing and awareness.

Each class will focus on one of our chakras, what the specific signature of that chakra is and how its energy can be harnessed in your everyday life to have more joy, abundance, vitality and harmony.

The class is best taken as a whole series to explore the entirety of your chakra system and how they are interwoven with one another. Drop-ins are available to support a student in focusing on just one chakra; how to tune into that energy and identify for themselves any imbalance.

Chakra Breakdown by Date:

October 12: Root Chakra
October 19: Sacral Chakra
October 26: Solar Plexus Chakra
November 2: Heart Chakra
November 23: Throat Chakra
November 30: Third Eye Chakra
December 7: Crown Chakra

How to Register:
Click on “Full Calendar” to choose the date you want or pick the October 12th offering to sign up for that one or all seven.

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