Kripalu Gentle Yoga + Meditation Six-Week Series

Kripalu Gentle Yoga and Meditation

Join Jenny for a six-week workshop exploring the connection between asana (the physical practice of yoga) and meditation.

When: Mondays @ 7 p.m. (April 8 - May 14)
Length: One Hour
Cost: $20 to register for an individual session or $90 for all six sessions.
Teacher: Jenny Leopold
Audience: Absolute beginners to experienced yoga and meditation students (so all welcome*!)



Join Jenny every Monday evening for a one-hour session that will explore the connection between gentle movement and meditation theory and practice.

Each week she will guide you through a 30 to 40-minute Kripalu-style, dynamic, gentle yoga and pranayama (breath work) class--followed by a 10 to 20-minute meditation.

By the end of the six weeks you will have sampled various styles of meditation and learned some of the history behind traditions such as Vedanta, Sankhya, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Tantra and mindfulness.

Is this Series for Me?
If you have been to Kripalu in the Berkshires you may be familiar with their Gentle Yoga classes. These classes are truly designed for any human who is visiting Kripalu and wants to play with movement. This does not mean it’s only for beginners. People of all levels (including no experience) will find these sessions beneficial. And with the format being a mix of gentle, dynamic yoga and meditation it should feel like a nice sampling of both. If you have not visited our small wellness shop, please know we are on the second floor and there is not an elevator—so you must be able to climb stairs (sorry).

What to Wear:
Comfortable clothes that you can move easily in (tights, shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc…

What to Bring:
If you have a yoga mat, you may want to bring your own because there is a class happening in Room One and we can’t guarantee a mat for every student (but we will do our best!). A journal might be helpful as you reflect on the practice. We have a water cooler with disposable cups—but you are welcome to bring a container to re/fill.

How to Register:

Anne Marie Costantino