Movement, Music + Meditation

An afternoon of musical movement and meditation with Tristan Stewart.
Saturday, June 29, 2019

2 to 4 p.m.


$25 Early Bird Pricing ($35 as of June 24)



Are you feeling taxed by your everyday obligations? Allow yourself this special opportunity to completely ease your body and mind with Yoga and meditative music.

Through this grounding experience you will cultivate the ability to release the stress of the non-stop modern world. The guided meditations will center you. The long-held postures will release unhealthy holding patterns habituated in the body. The live music will assist you in finding peace of mind and spirit. You will leave this workshop with tools for daily life. The student who truly embraces these teachings will rise above any obstacles standing in the way of their deepest bliss.

Why Yin?

Yin balances the more active, robust style of yoga with slower, longer-held poses that target the connective tissues in our bodies. The tools necessary to cultivate a tranquil mind are developed in this highly meditative practice. Furthermore, practitioners are asked to embrace discomfort with the intention of maintaining mental ease.

Why Restorative? 

Restorative Yoga lowers stress levels, blood pressure, slows heart rate and supports digestion. Scientifically speaking, the fight or flight response – active during daily living – turns off as the Parasympathetic Nervous System activates to mitigate stress hormones and initiate the inherently revitalizing functions of the body.

More About Tristan

Tristan is a student of Music Therapy at the Berklee College of Music and an adamant practitioner of Bhakti (love and devotion) Yoga, of which Kirtan (musical meditation) is a large component. His ardent personal practice inspires him to teach through a lens of personal transformation, spiritual growth and therapeutic healing. He incorporates musical mantra throughout his classes with the deliberate intention of guiding his students into a deeper experience.

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