Wellness Coaching + Relationship Coaching w/Mihaela Dumea

Mihaela received her MBA in 2015 and became a Registered Yoga Teacher in 2017 and has completed certifications for Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Mindfulness, a passion for the inner workings of the mind and a connection with the spiritual are at the core of all her programs.

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Wellness Coaching:
A holistic integrative 12-week program that helps you define, clarify and achieve your wellness vision—manage a chronic illness, lose weight, create powerful positive habits, recover from an injury, surgery or traumatic event, find balance, get better sleep, etc. Once we identify the layers of accumulated physical, mental or emotional distress in your current experience, we are able to uncover the very personal elements that build a life well lived and empower you with the necessary mindset and behavior to achieve your goal.

Relationship Coaching:
Sessions are intuitively crafted to fit the unique characteristics of each individual and couple. Based on a framework that integrates mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy and the works of Harville Hendrix, Gary Chapman and Stephen Covey, our work will deepen awareness, enhance communication and understanding skills. Additionally it will guide you to your vision of a life together, help you release what no longer serves you and more. Together you will build a deeply connected and strong foundation of a joyful, fulfilling and lasting relationship.


Life Coaching w/Caitlin Green



How would you like to feel genuinely happy with yourself and your life?

Caitlin Green is a certified life coach who specializes in helping clients get to the heart of achieving greater self-love and confidence. She empowers her students by teaching them effective exercises to overcome their obstacles of negative self-talk and anxiety. 


Are you ready to do the work needed to face your fears and achieve your dreams? If so, Caitlin offers her life coaching services through her six-session Tame Your Inner Critic program. This program will give you the key principles to transform self-doubt into self-assuredness. During each 90-minute session, you will receive tools to better manage anxiety and to be more at ease with yourself and your life.

Caitlin's clients include:

  • teachers who want stronger presence leading a classroom

  • artists who want to trust themselves more and overcome the fear of being judged by others

  • engineers who want more freedom and encouragement to express their creative selves

  • graduate students who are stressed and want to better manage it to help pass their exams

  • people who struggle with social anxiety who want to be more comfortable interacting with others

If you are interested in learning more about Caitlin or this program, request a free consultation by selecting the button below.


Transformational Life Coaching with Christabeth Ingold
Certified Souluna Life Coach


Christabeth became a certified life coach through Souluna Life Coaching Certification in 2012. This certification is the foundation of how she approaches all of her holistic modalities offerings. Working with Christabeth, we believe you will leave with a deeper understanding of your inner workings and life long tools to use when—what she describes as—gremlins show up. 

Working with Christabeth you will be invited to explore and rediscover your brilliant spark within and start living unapologetically YOU. She uses a heart-centered-whole-person and spiritual approach that will help you create space for the parts of you that are asking for loving attention, to be witnessed, and then wholly reintegrate into your very own magical self. She will meet you with an open heart and deep honoring to allow space for release, reviving and profound healing to occur. She believes you will leave feeling full of your Self! Full of excitement! Full of how you want to see your own history written (because it’s not actually written yet)! 

As you step into coaching, you and Christabeth will co-create a beautiful relationship of support for you to see the ACTUAL changes you want for your life. All parts are welcome as you are guided into tasting your possibilities, shifting dis-serving beliefs, and feeling the mind, body, and spirit connection of your magnificent being. As she weaves in the Akashic Records and energy work when needed, you will receive a bigger soul perspective to answering the “Why’s” of your life. YOU have your own gems within. YOU have the key to your freedom. Christabeth simply has the knowledge and guidance as to how to help you access them! Christabeth also offers holistic massage therapy, energy cleaning and alignment and Akashic Record readings.


Becca speert, TAROT CARD READER + life enhancement coach


Becca coaches her clients to transform the infrastructure of their coping mechanisms, into manifestation techniques that actually problem solve on a deeper level and create desired outcomes. She uses tools such as Tarot and Oracle Cards to reveal subconscious beliefs and offer total clarity. She is here to nurture your inner voice and assist you to cultivate a stronger intuition for yourself. By becoming more aware, and shifting your energy, so much more is possible. Becca’s clients report feeling more inspired, centered and empowered after just one session. Learn more about Becca on her website:




Vanessa Haug is a Certified Health Coach and owner of Blossoming Health Inc. Vanessa works with women and provides them with a safe, non-judgmental space to cultivate and ultimately harvest their health goals; engage in self-care and self-compassion; achieve a health-promoting mindset; and overcome limiting beliefs that impede their blossoming process.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, she approaches health and well being from the point of view that health is borne out of two forms of nourishment: the foods we eat and our life experiences such as our career, relationships, home environment, finances and creativity. When one form of nourishment is out of balance (e.g., lack of fulfillment at work), the other will inevitably be thrown off kilter as well (e.g., high intake of sugar). By tending to both forms of nourishment simultaneously, not only does she help her clients increase their body’s capacity to self-heal, but she also helps them forge sustainable behavioral and dietary shifts. Vanessa’s approach also draws on the belief that most women already know what we should be doing to improve our health and well being, but perhaps we lost our way because of societal or family pressures, contradicting dietary messages and a general sense of busyness in our life. Keeping this in mind, she meets with her clients where they are on their journey rather than where she would like them to be; each coaching session is therefore structured around her clients’ needs in that particular moment. Her coaching style is also infused with the understanding that our blossoms are unique to us in the same way that one soil type may help a budding flower into a full bloom while causing another to wilt away—her health coaching program is ultimately tailored to each woman’s unique circumstances; their one-of-a-kind body; their family’s health history; their ethnicity/race; and their geographic location.

Vanessa’s health coaching practice is informed by the professional experience of leading physicians, doctors and nutrition experts who are at the forefront of the health and wellness movement: Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Aviva Romm, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Christiane Northrup.