How would you like to feel genuinely happy with yourself and your life?

Caitlin Green is a certified life coach who specializes in helping clients get to the heart of achieving greater self-love and confidence. She empowers her students by teaching them effective exercises to overcome their obstacles of negative self-talk and anxiety. 


Are you ready to do the work needed to face your fears and achieve your dreams? If so, Caitlin offers her life coaching services through her six-session Tame Your Inner Critic program. This program will give you the key principles to transform self-doubt into self-assuredness. During each 90-minute session, you will receive tools to better manage anxiety and to be more at ease with yourself and your life.


Caitlin's clients include:

  • teachers who want stronger presence leading a classroom
  • artists who want to trust themselves more and overcome the fear of being judged by others
  • engineers who want more freedom and encouragement to express their creative selves
  • graduate students who are stressed and want to better manage it to help pass their exams
  • people who struggle with social anxiety who want to be more comfortable interacting with others

Here is What They Have to Say

"Caitlin’s coaching has helped me become my best as a teacher and give that best to my students. Through creative visualizations, role playing activities and supportive discussion have been so powerful to help me get in touch with my vision and more clearly define my motivations.  Caitlin’s manner and understanding of teaching allows me to be myself fully in our coaching sessions. Her presence and commitment inspire me to do the work of discovering the blocks and fears that have held me back from connecting with my subject area.   By meeting regularly, I’ve been able to see where I am growing and to embrace who I truly am within the context of my teaching.  I know that I am moving toward blossoming open and inspiring my students to be their best most creative and expressive selves."
 -S. Hamel


"Caitlin has a really unique background and super-varied toolbox to work with clients, including music, coaching, and playback theater. She really made sure I got everything out of the experience she said I would. Her approach is unique. I was working with a serious avoidance pattern that made it impossible to move forward in my life, and she pointed out why I should interact with my 'inner critic', and helped me understand what it was trying to do for me. It is now almost 6 months after my experience with Caitlin and I can honestly say she changed my life. I was in a specific 8 week program, but she totally adapted to what I personally needed which made it REALLY effective. She is good people and wants you to succeed, not just to sell you something you'll need forever. She is so genuine and a really wonderful part of Cambridge :)"
- Julie G.


"I have met Caitlin in a very stressful process in my career and personal life. It was a great decision to work with her; she helped me incredibly in decreasing my self-criticism and made me a better person. Thanks for being such a compassionate and dedicated coach and a wonderful person, Caitlin!"
-Tugba B.


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